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Business Coaching:

Approximately 18 months ago I started my own professional business providing specialised legal advice to international companies wishing to establish a presence in Australia. I languished for 15 of those months operating day to day without any real structure or definitive purpose. I made a decision to either close my business or revamp what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve from my business. I felt the only way to do this was to engage external assistance to help set my goals and structures.

With Helen's assistance over a period of 4 months I discovered that within myself I had many skills and attributes that were being suppressed by my own negative approach. Helen helped turn this around through some very simple but effective techniques. Once I addressed this I then found that I was in a better position to think creatively and focus on achieving my goals and establishing the structures required to make my business a success.

The assistance Helen provided helped nurture my own self-belief, without her I would not be in the position I am today.

I have no hesitation in recommending Helen as a professional coach; her style is very positive and engaging but not intrusive or overpowering. Helen has a unique ability to lead and guide but make you feel it is all your own thoughts and doing. The most important outcome from Helen’s assistance has been developing a new positive way of thinking about who I am and what I want my business to become.

She has become and will remain one of most valuable assets.

Frank C – Business Owner

I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Helen over the last twelve weeks. This has been a life changing experience for me. Helen is a compassionate and genuine person, who inspires self believe with a quite sense of confidence and no judgement.

Before I started on this journey I was doubtful and concerned that my professional life was going nowhere and this was negatively affecting all other areas of my life.

Over this time Helen taught me effective strategies for improving my problem solving and communication skills. This enabled me to gain clarity in my current working situation. Helen also challenged me to set fair career goals and gave me smart tools and the courage to move toward starting my own business.

I am well on my way to being in charge of my own destiny.

It is without reservation that I would recommend Helen for any person, or company that feels they would benefit from professional guidance in how to achieve and maintain their goals.

Gabrielle D – Business Owner

As a small, established, sales training business, Helen was critical in helping us take our business to the next level. Clarifying our values, direction, strategy and the steps that needed to be implemented, enabled us to run courses successfully within a couple of months. It was beneficial having Helen look at our business from the outside, and contributing with fresh thoughts and creative ideas to help us with the challenges we faced.

We have every confidence in Helen’s business coaching skills and benefited from her knowledge and experience in running her own successful businesses in the past.

Alban G – Business Owner

I am a retired teacher with 20 years experience in the classroom and 20 years experience in the personal development industry.

I had an innovative idea and have been creating an educational program for children aged 6 – 12 years. However I felt ‘stuck’ – partly through fear; partly through self-doubt and lack of confidence; and partly through overwhelm.

I needed guidance – someone to hold me to a higher standard and have me achieve weekly goals, with some coaching along the way.

Then I found Helen and what a blessing she has been – she believed in my concept; she helped me get the clarity I needed and she encouraged me to take action.

In the process I had some wonderful breakthroughs, providence came to meet me and doors opened. I always left our sessions inspired and uplifted.

After 3 months of coaching, I now know I have something of value to offer. I have a business, which up until now was always a dream.

Helen has guided me from procrastination, to taking the action I needed to move forward in the direction of my dream and for this I am truly grateful. Many thanks Helen!

Gail T – Business Owner

It is with great pleasure that I offer this testimonial for Helen Ebdon of Affirming Professional Coaching Services.

Some time ago, I attended Helen’s ‘Moving from Procrastination to Action’ seminar and received a lot of value from this session. I then decided to engage Helen as my business coach.

Helen has an enormous amount of experience to draw from, and is incredibly skilled as a coach. She is conscientious and attends to every detail with reliable follow up systems and provides excellent material, tools and techniques that have assisted me in making positive changes in my business.

I feel that the most powerful gift Helen has to offer is her ability to listen and work intuitively with her clients. I am humbled and grateful at the genuine care and value I’ve received from working with Helen and saw real results and real shifts occur much quicker than I could have imagined.

I would recommend her without hesitation to any business owner who is keen to achieve their goals.

Annette F – Business Owner

I have been enjoying the services of Helen Ebdon as my business coach for the past three months. The experience has completely transformed my attitude and my relationship to my business.

Each meeting with Helen provides a space where I can explore the mechanics and mindset of my business. Working on my mindset has been invaluable and I now have a new confidence in my business and myself.

I found a quote the other day which said, ’Wise action is a cure for fear.’ Helen has empowered, inspired and supported me to take wise action and I am no longer afraid of doing what I need to do to achieve my success in my business.

In terms of the mechanics of my business Helen has educated me about branding, marketing and planning and actioning campaigns. She has also opened my mind to new possibilities for the future of my business.

Helen is a gifted Business Coach with a great capacity for deep listening and understanding her client’s needs. She is then able to translate that into achievable goals that challenge and stretch you in just the right direction.

Helen is impeccable in her record keeping and provides comprehensive session notes, tasks to be completed and reminders that keep the process firmly on track and are an invaluable tool for reflection.

As a result of my Business Coaching sessions with Helen I am going into a New Year with great joy and confidence.

Do yourself and your business a favour and get her involved in your business now!

Diana C – Business Owner

I was really looking for someone that I could bounce ideas off, someone who could be objective and offer tips and ideas about my current business and my future plans which I needed to get some clarity on. At that first meeting I was amazed that Helen does actually listen to her clients! She asked lots of questions and then outlined how she could help me.

Helen walked me through my blockages with kindness and empathy — I hadn’t even realised how much I was holding myself back. She offered heaps of great advice and with every visit I discovered not only did I need to be held accountable but that she was the person I needed to help me with the focus and clarity I was seeking. Within about 2 months I was in a completely different head space and felt like I was moving forward.

Her advice is holistic and functional, real and practical. She will encourage you to dream and turn those dreams into reality.

I now see Helen twice a month. She still holds me accountable! She has opened my heart and mind and is helping me move towards a future that I am looking forward to — whilst also appreciating and enjoying the journey along the way.

Donna D – Business Owner

Helen was recommended to me as a business coach and I initially ‘signed up’ for 6 sessions with her. Straightaway, I found Helen’s approach to be very professional: I felt confident she would maintain my confidentiality and I was clear about her expectations of me in our coaching relationship.

Over the ensuing sessions, Helen guided me in becoming clear on my coaching niche based on my values and my business goals. Helen gently (but firmly as was required at times!) supported me towards action, about which I was quite scared but which I knew I needed to take to achieve my goals. Through this process, I became aware of how much procrastination and overwhelm I was experiencing and Helen held me accountable for owning this and not letting this prevent me from achieving my goals.

I realised I would continue to benefit from Helen’s coaching over another 6 sessions and through these, I was able to create the space to take further action on my goals and to become aware of the most effective and efficient actions to get me where I wanted to go. I now feel much more empowered and confident that I am building the sort of business I’ve dreamed of and it feels magnificent! Thank you so much Helen – I couldn’t have made the sort of progress I have without you!

I wholeheartedly recommend Helen’s coaching services to anyone serious about getting the most out of their business.

Helen BH – Business Owner

Executive Coaching

Thanks Helen. It has been great working with you. As you can perhaps tell, I am not an easy customer as I have already embarked on a journey of self discovery in my own way. But full credit to you, you came in and worked with me, offered me that mirror in the most unassuming kind of way and in the process armed me with far greater insight than I could ever have achieved on my own.

Your simple pointers became a voice of wisdom in my head reminding me that I had a choice about how I react in both everyday situations as well as under specially demanding/ challenging situations. The results have been truly transformational, I feel more inspired, in control, content and satisfied with my choices and the outcomes they bring. And the best part is that I will always have this ability now that I have discovered it!

“I have benefited immensely from Helen’s support and guidance and have since managed to overcome several areas of my life that had previously caused me frustration. I can wholeheartedly endorse the benefits of undergoing such a journey and highly recommend Helen to anyone considering bettering any aspect of their work or personal life.”

Vas V – Senior Executive

Dear Helen,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me to get to places I never thought possible before we began working together. You challenged me to change my thinking and in so doing I had to change my ways. You are insightful, gentle and always encouraging. Your practical approach to what can sometimes be a cerebral vocation is masterful.

Thanks to your unflagging honesty, persistence and generosity I have made some of the best decisions of my life.

Madeleine K – Senior Executive

“I was searching for a way to gain clarity and direction within my career. I had no focus, plan or purpose. With each session Helen was able to provide me with a foundation on which to formulate a way forward for my immediate and long term career.

The tools I used in my sessions with Helen now form part of my monthly career assessment and are enabling me to evolve and move through my career journey with clarity and purpose. Thank you for providing me with the freedom to see all my unlimited career possibilities and opportunities”.

Julie G – Senior Executive

Helen Ebden

Helen Ebdon

Business and Executive Coach

About Helen

With a background as director of two successful businesses over a period of 17 years, Helen Ebdon understands first hand the challenges business owners face in achieving their goals – especially when times are tough.

Now, as a trusted Small Business Consultant, Helen assists business owners to develop clear, targeted strategies to maximise their potential, grow their business and navigate through their day to day challenges.

She believes that with the right support, encouragement and motivation anyone can get from “where they are now” to “where they want to be”.

Helen is a Certified Practicing Business and Executive Coach; she holds a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and is the creator and facilitator of the very successful workshop, “From Procrastination to Action”

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